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By combining our experience and industry knowledge, Full Circle IT Consulting is poised to offer our clients in the Northeast (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut) a broad range of IT Services. Our technical reach also extends beyond the Northeast to include the US and International clientele as part of our Network group.  The industries we serve include:


Traditional / Discrete Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing (Semiconductor, Food, etc.)

Outsourced Manufacturing


Medical Devices

Buy/Sell (Retail)



Interested in working with us?  Check out some of our client testimonials below.

We were planning an ERP conversion from Macola Progression to a new implementation of Sage 100 ERP and determined that we did not have the staff in-house to do the implementation.  We hired Vicki Baker to act on behalf of Leaktite and perform the implementation in conjunction with the Value Added Reseller and multiple 3rd party vendors.  Vicki rapidly put together a project plan based on our requirements and managed the internal implementation as well as the interactions with the VAR on our behalf.  We are happy to say Vicki drove the project to a successful go-live and helped support the company afterward to get us back to full productivity in as short a period as possible.


Russ Brillon

Leaktite Corporation

We contracted Full Circle IT Consulting to help us manage the installation, customization and roll-out of our new CRM solution…  Our primary objectives were to minimize the direct impact on our day-to-day business during the process, quickly adapt to changes as we learned more about the capabilities and to maintain the critical launch deadlines.  We successfully launched our new CRM solution and with minimal issues!  PEI realizes that Full Circle IT Consulting was instrumental in meeting our objectives. Not only do we plan to continue using their services in the future but would proudly recommend Full Circle IT Consulting to anyone.


Robert Ashman

Photo fabrication Engineering, Inc.

After interviewing half a dozen IT consulting firms, Vicki Baker rose to the top. She clearly brought knowledge, value and a realistic approach. We needed to implement a Macola ERP system as well as add project management and time reporting capabilities. With global operations in the UK and US, it was necessary that Vicki quickly identify the technical and organizational approach.  She outlined various configuration paths, associated implications and the best-fit, cloud-based provider for time reporting.  She led the team through configuration and testing and outlined best practices for optimizing the system…. she even created customized training programs. An outstanding job in a very challenging environment and a great win for the organization!


Kris Hales

Diagnosys Test Systems

We needed flexible reporting with key performance indicators. Our reporting capabilities had to drill through high-level data and get to the details of our company’s performance.  Vicki Baker created a custom reporting program to generate all of our business reports including bookings, invoicing, commissions, order entry performance, backlog reports and month-to-month backlog consolidation. The project required:

  IT architect review

  Full ERP implementation

  Database management

  System adaptation

  User-friendly solutions

At the end of the day, Vicki was able to implement critical business systems, giving us a high degree of analytical ability.


Dana Kelly

Princeton Instruments

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